Collect reviews easily with the new Review-Tool

We developed a new tool to make collecting reviews even easier for you.

The Review-Tool helps you to remind your guests to submit a review after they leave. This saves you time and gives your guests a relaxed holiday.

The Review-Tool is a website that you can use easily and free of charge on any tablet or computer with an Internet connection.

That’s what is behind it:

  • Talk to your guests personally during their stay and let them know that you appreciate their opinion very much and would be pleased about a review on HolidayCheck.
  • The guest then leaves his/her e-mail address in the Review-Tool and thus declares his/her interest in submitting a review for your house. (Important: In order not to violate the privacy policy, do not enter the e-mail address into the tool without the consent of your guests.)
  • After the stay, the guest receives an automatic e-mail reminding him/her of your personal request for an evaluation.
  • The guest can write at home a review in peace and in detail.


Where do you find the Review-Tool?

The easiest way is to go back to the e-mail and click on the „View the Review-Tool“ button at the bottom. The Review-Tool opens in the browser and is immediately ready for use. If you want to use the tool on another device, copy the address bar and paste it into the Internet browser of the desired device.
Alternatively (or if you want to select a different hotel than the one in the e-mail) you can proceed as follows:


Step 1: Determine your Hotel-ID

In order to link the Review-Tool to the hotel for which you want to collect reviews, you need the so-called Hotel ID of your hotel on HolidayCheck. You can easily find this out in the Business Center.

First log in to the Business Center ( If you manage several hotels, select the corresponding hotel for which you would like to collect reviews using the selection in the upper line.

In the address field of your browser you will see an address similar to the one in the picture:

Screenshot of Business Center


Your hotel ID is the last part of the address, a sequence of letters and numbers that begins after the last slash. In this example, the hotel ID is: c47efe9b-a888-3c8d-b315-53271cd00530

Select it and copy it using the right mouse button – Copy.

Step 2: Add your hotel ID to the Review-Tool

Click on the following link to open it. Alternatively, you can copy and paste it manually into the address bar of your browser window.


Now delete the back part of the address (c47efe9b-a888-3c8d-b315-53271cd00530) and insert your own hotel ID. Your personal Review-Tool is ready for use!

Tip: Save the entire link (e.g. by sending it to yourself by e-mail or creating a bookmark for this page) so that you can call up the Review-Tool the next time with one click.

Screenshot of Review-Tool


Step 3: Tell your guests about the Review-Tool

Let your guests know that they can enter their e-mail address in the input field and after about a week they will automatically be reminded by e-mail of leaving a review for your house. Provide tablets for your guests to take advantage of the Review-Tool.

  1. i am not sure that the results of collecting reviews will be possitive (regarding the number of the collected reviews) at the end it is not explained to us why you decided to make this change. Holidaycheck is oblicated to tell us the reasons of theese changes , and this probably could make it more understandable

    • Dear hotel partner, thank you very much for your comment. In a previous e-mail, we announced that we had recently noticed an increasing attempt to manipulate reviews. These procedures are not fair and do not reflect our principle of exchanging real opinions. For this reason, we have amended the Code of Conduct and clearly formulated how we do not wish reviews to be handled. I hope this helps you to understand why we decided to undertake this step. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us at Kindest regards from Switzerland, Nadine

  2. Dear HDC tea,
    Could you please clarify if we can use our own after travel e-mail system. Meaning we can send e-mails to our guest. Or it still has to be done through the ReviewTool?
    Best Regards

    • Dear Katherine, thank you for your comment. Of course, you may continue using your own after travel e-mail system. With the Review-Tool we only want to offer an additional possibility to ask guests to submit a review. Kind regards, Nadine

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