How to deal with German reviews as a non-German speaking hotel manager?

You have received reviews in German but you do not understand them? In the new Business Center, you can translate your reviews into your mother tongue.

Apart from understanding, you also have the chance to comment on the reviews and show your guests that you appreciate their positive and negative feedback. We suggest that you comment on your guests‘ reviews individually. However, if this should not be possible, you can use our templates provided on this page.


Der HolidayCheck Award

Jedes Jahr werden im Januar die beliebtesten Hotels der Urlauber mit dem HolidayCheck Award ausgezeichnet. Jedes Hotel, das die Mindestkriterien erfüllt und nicht gegen den HolidayCheck Code of Conduct verstoßen hat, kann mit dem Award dotiert werden. In jeder Region werden (maximal) die 10 beliebtesten Hotels gekürt.


The HolidayCheck Award

The most popular hotels for travellers win the HolidayCheck Award each year in January. Every hotel that fulfills the minimum criteria and does not violate the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct can be nominated for the Award. The 10 most popular hotels in each region receive the Award.