The HolidayCheck Award

The most popular hotels for travellers win the HolidayCheck Award each year in January. Every hotel that fulfills the minimum criteria and does not violate the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct can be nominated for the Award. The 10 most popular hotels in each region receive the Award.

What is the HolidayCheck Award?

The HolidayCheck Award is a hotel award that is given every year to the 10 most popular hotels in a region. In 2019 the HolidayCheck Award will be presented for the 14th time in a row.

When is the HolidayCheck Award handed out?

The HolidayCheck Award is presented every year in January and refers to the observation period from 1.12.2017 to 30.11.2018 for the Award 2019.

Which minimum criteria does a hotel have to fulfil at the cutoff date on November 30th in order to qualify for the HolidayCheck Award?

Hotels must meet the following criteria during the observation period (1.12.2017-30.11.2018) in order to qualify for the award:

When is the deadline?

The cutoff date is on November 30th 2018, by which date all criteria must be met to qualify for the award.

Which period of time is relevant for the assignment of the Award?

All reviews published on HolidayCheck between December 1st, 2017 and November 30th, 2018 are automatically taken into consideration for the assignment of the Award, unless they concern a stay that ended before December 1st, 2017.

Why is not every hotel which fulfils the minimum criteria given an Award?

Only the 10 most popular hotels in a region are awarded, it is possible that hotels do fulfil the minimum criteria but do not receive the Award. Deviations within the popularity raking in tourist regions with many hotels can be marginal.

What is the HolidayCheck popularity ranking?

The popularity ranking is an algorithm which includes recommendation rate, overall rating, and reviews. By means of this popularity ranking, the 10 most popular hotels are determined.

Why are there no longer any award categories?

We want to reduce complexity so that you are able to integrate the Award more easily into your marketing. In this way, the Award can represent all your guests, rather than just individual guest categories. On the HolidayCheck Award website, HolidayCheck users can still select winning Award hotels based upon their chosen type of vacation and audience.

What is the HolidayCheck Gold Award and how can I receive it?

The HolidayCheck Gold Award is a special accolade. Hotels which have received the HolidayCheck Award at least 5 times in a row due to their continuously outstanding reviews are rewarded with this special accolade.

What is the difference between the HolidayCheck Award and „Recommended on HolidayCheck“?

„Recommended on HolidayCheck“ is awarded to every hotel that has at least 4.0 suns, 75% recommendation rate and one active rating in the period between 1.12.2017-31.03.2018. The HolidayCheck Award, on the other hand, is based on stricter criteria and is only awarded to the 10 most popular hotels in a region.

Does the award apply to other hotels in a chain?

No, the award is an individual award that only applies to one house and cannot be transferred to other houses in a chain or holiday complex.

How do I get my Award Package?

We will send you your free Award package by post. Please let us know which address we should send your package using the request form.
Please also note any other e-mails you receive from us.

What happens, if a hotel does no longer fulfil the minimum criteria during the year?

HolidayCheck reserves the right to remove the Award logo during the year if the recommendation rate or the overall rating goes below the minimum criteria significantly. The same applies in case of violation of the Code of Conduct.

  1. Dear Partner

    First of all, I hope this email finds you well
    My name is Albana Tahiraj and I am writing you on behalf of Victoria Hotel in Tirana, Albania
    The reason why we are sending you this email is because we are very interested to cooperate with your prestigious agency.

    Victoria Hotel is a top International Hotel established in 1999 in Tirana Albania. Four-Star Hotel that offer not only the accommodation and contemporary but first of hospitality that will leave you impressed.

    Victoria Hotel is positioned only 1 km far from the city center of Tirana. The hotel has 17-years experience in tourism sector and during all these years it has been welcoming tourists from all around the world.

    We would appreciate if your company that is focused in supplying hotel accommodation to the travel trade, would be interested to create an efficient cooperation with our company, ensuring that we are able to offer you a high quality and professional services. Our aim is to realize a long term cooperation with a company like yours by adding value to the services that we both provide.

    Our hotel has 19 rooms and suites equipped with all the necessary comforts to ensure the convenience of the customers. Each room and suite is adapted with particular elements of the Albanian architecture to provide to the customers not only a warm accommodation but also a unique style identified with special features.A huge importance was devoted from us also to the Albanian paintings.A part of them are established in our facilities which corresponds to the work of the well-known Albanian artist and honored friend of Victoria Hotel Mr. Ibrahim Kodra.

    Victoria Hotel also offers a bar, restaurant and terrace with professional services and a special dedication to each customer to provide them a great satisfaction to remain longer in their memory. Thanks to our chief of cuisine, our menu provides different varieties of food based on fresh products that can grab all customers tastes.

    The philosophy of our hotel develops continuously to achieve not simply guest satisfaction but mainly to exceed all expectations. The staff is continuously trained to achieve our leading goals. Personalized service and traditional Albanian warm hospitality guides our personnel at all times. Every day is a new challenge for improvement of guest treatment and service.

    We believe in the passionate pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising honor and integrity. These values are the foundation of an environment of trust and mutual respect among travelers, hotel owners and employees.

    With kind regards from Albania,
    Albana Tahiraj
    General Manager

    Adress: Rr e Dibres, Nd. 331, H.1;
    Njesia Bashkiake Nr. 4 Kodi Postar 1012;
    Tirane – Albania
    Mob: 00355 69 455 78 54
    Tel: 00355 42 361 591 / 592
    Fax: 00355 42 361 594

    • Dear Ms. Tahiraj,

      thank you very much for your message. If you’re interested in a cooperation with us please get in touch with my Sales colleagues by sending an email to

      The HolidayCheck Business Center may also be interesting for you. You can get access to your hotel profile and manage your hotel description, adapt your hotel facilities, upload pictures and also comment on your reviews. You can register here for free:

      Kind regards,
      Maike Diehl

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