Important information: Shutdown international sites

We would like to inform you that on 29th February 2016, the HolidayCheck .com, .es, .it, .ru, .nl and .cz sites will be closed down.


Which HolidayCheck websites are being closed down, and when?
The HolidayCheck .com, .es, .it, .ru, .nl and .cz sites will be closed down on 29.02.2016. The site will be shut down in the course of the year.

The, .at, .ch, and .pl will continue to run as normal.

Why are these sites being closed down?
In future, HolidayCheck AG would like to focus on the, .at, .ch, and .pl sites.
The .com, .es, .it, .ru, .nl and .cz sites currently run on different technical platforms. This is not the level of service and quality that we promise our customers and partners.

Can reviews still be submitted in other languages for my hotel, such as English, Russian or Spanish?
No, only German and Polish language reviews – other languages will not be published.

What will happen to reviews already published for my hotel in other languages?
Reviews already published can be viewed using the language filter. These will continue to be shown.

What will happen to my HotelManager access?
Your HotelManager access will still be active in English and German.

What will happen to my uploaded pictures, news, comments or hotel description if these were in one of the languages which are being closed down?
Images and comments will remain on the, .at, .ch, and .pl sites.
News and hotel descriptions will not be transferred if they were submitted in Spanish, Italian, Russian or Czech languages.

We are focussing on the main languages of German and Polish.

What will happen to my booked advertising campaigns on HolidayCheck?
Your booked campaigns will run in full on HolidayCheck.

What will happen to the Widget which I implemented for the .com, .es or .it languages?
We recommend that you change your widget and insert one for the .de, .at, .ch, or .pl sites.


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