How to create your HolidayCheck Widget

Before booking, travellers don’t just look at hotel websites – they also look at review platforms like HolidayCheck. By integrating a widget onto your hotel site, you can show all the important and relevant information about your hotel, like the recommendation rate or ranking, and thus convince your potential guests directly. All the guests who have already stayed in your hotel can also now give reviews directly via the widget and won’t be redirected to another site.

Creating your widget – here’s how:

1. You’ve got two ways to get to the site to create your widget. You can go to, or on the lower part of the HolidayCheck website, under „Für Partner“, choose the „Widgets“ link. You can find this option at the very bottom of the page.

Please note that widgets can only be created in German. Please find a step by step manual below.


2. Enter your hotel name in the search bar right of „Direkt loslegen“, choose your hotel with a click from the options listed, and select „Widgets anzeigen“. You’ll now automatically be redirected to the configuration page.

3. Please do these three steps, one after the other.

Step 1: Choose your individual widget („Wählen Sie Ihr individuelles Widget“)

Consider what you’d like to show potential guests with your widget. You can choose your recommendation rate („Weiterempfehlungsrate“), average rating („Gesamtbewertung anzeigen“), your ranking („Ranking anzeigen“), or a selection of your recent reviews („Bewertungen anzeigen“). Confirm your selection by clicking on the relevant field.

4. Step 2: Adjust your advertising („Passen Sie Ihr Werbemittel an“)

Here you can continue to edit the content of your widget, and how it looks. Then choose from 3 different sizes („Wählen Sie die Größe Ihres Widgets“) and finally, decide which colour you would like for your widget.You can choose between blue („Blau“), grey („Grau“), and white („Weiß“).

5. You can also decide whether you’d like to collect reviews directly through your website („Möchten Sie mit Ihrem Widget Bewertungen sammeln?“). Our tip: make the most of the new review function on the widget. Select yes („Ja“), so that your guests can give reviews through the widget, without having to be redirected to an external website.



6. Now you just need to choose which language you’d like for your widget. Unfortunately, we no longer offer an English or Polish version – but if you have lots of German guests, choose „DE“ and address them directly.

7. Step 3: Are you happy with how your widget looks? You can then confirm your selection in Step 3, by clicking on your widget preview. You’ll then get a pop-up with the personalised HTML code for you to integrate into your website’s source code or Facebook page. If you have questions about this step, it’s best to ask your system administrator or the programmer who looks after your website.

7. Here you can see what your widget looks like, as an example. If you paste your generated HTML code in there, you can see a preview of your widget in the window below.


Are you using our old widget? To carry on being able to benefit from the advantages of having a widget, we recommend that you now change over from your old one.


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