The HolidayCheck Award

The most popular hotels for travellers win the HolidayCheck Award each year in January. Every hotel that fulfills the minimum criteria and does not violate the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct can be nominated for the Award. The 10 most popular hotels in each region receive the Award.

Which minimum criteria does a hotel have to fulfil in order to qualify?*

  • at least 90% recommendation rate
  • at least 5.0 overall rating
  • at least 50 reviews in the previous year
  • no demonstrable violation of the HolidayCheck Code of Conduct in the previous year

*We reserve the right to adjust the minimum criteria if required.

My hotel fulfills the minimum criteria but I have not received the Award – how is this possible?

Since only the 10 most popular hotels in a region are awarded, it is possible that hotels do fulfil the minimum criteria but do not receive the Award. In order to choose the top 10 hotels, we use the HolidayCheck popularity ranking which is an algorithm that includes recommendation rate, overall rating, and reviews. By means of this popularity ranking, the 10 most popular hotels are determined. Please note that deviations within the popularity raking in tourist regions with many hotels can be marginal.

Why are not 10 hotels in every region being awarded?

There are regions where less than 10 hotels fulfil the minimum criteria. Thus, it is possible that not in every region 10 hotels are being awarded.

Which period of time is relevant for the assignment of the Award?

All hotels which had guests and reviews from December 1st of the year before the previous year and November 30th of the previous year will be considered for the Award. We can’t consider reviews which were given in previous years or after November 30th. For the Award 2017, for example, only reviews published by November 30th, 2016, given by travellers who stayed at the hotel between December 1st, 2015 and November 30th, 2016 will be considered.

Is there anything else that needs to be considered?

All hotels can be nominated for the HolidayCheck Award – there is no need to register or sign up. The Award is free of charge and is being presented in mid-January – all winning hotels will receive the information about their Award via email.


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