Widget integration on Facebook

A HolidayCheck Widget isn’t just for your hotel website – you can include it on your Facebook page too! This means that your guests can see the most important information about your hotel on Facebook too – like the latest reviews or your ranking at a glance. Learn here how to create your HolidayCheck widget.

Widget integration on Facebook in 10 easy steps

1.Open www.holidaycheck.de/widgets to create your personalised HolidayCheck widget. Here’s how to create a Widget. When you’ve created and personalised the widget, a window will open with the HTML code. Leave the page as it is and open a new tab in your browser.

2. Log into Facebook with your username and password.

3. In the search bar, search for Static HTML: iframe tabs and choose the app.

4. Click on „Add Static HTML to a Page“.

Widget Integration Facebook 2

5. Now choose the „Facebook Pages“ tab. In the menu you now have an overview of all the Facebook pages you manage. Choose the hotel where you would like to integrate a widget and click on “Add Page Tab”.

Widget Integration Facebook 3-eng

6. You will now be automatically redirected to your hotel’s Facebook page. Choose “Edit tab” to get to the editing page.

7. If there is anything there, delete the example text displayed.

8. Go back to your first page where you created your widget (see step 1). Copy the HTML-Code and paste it into the text field of the static HTML app on Facebook. Finally, click on “Save & Publish”.

9. Now it’s a good idea to change the pre-set tab name. To do this, click on “Actions” and then “Edit name and image”.

Widget Integration Facebook 7

10. Change the “Tab Name”,g. to Hotel reviews. Confirm your selection by clicking on “Save tab name“.

To return to your Facebook site, click „View on Facebook“ in the top part of the open page. If you can’t see a widget, but just a HolidayCheck logo, please log out and open the site again when you’ve logged back in.

Congratulations – you’ve installed your HolidayCheck widget!

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